UPSTARTERS is a new initiative being built that gives local youth exposure to the role they can play in addressing community needs. Rather than hoping that youth learn about volunteerism or philanthropy by the time they are adults, UPSTARTERS provides opportunities today. UPSTARTERS is focused on the future generation of the United Way learning to lead now.

UPSTARTERS is driven by the area’s young leaders. They identify what community issues to address. They get friends and classmates together to help. They influence where impact dollars should be placed.

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UPSTARTERS lend ideas on what issues impact their community the most, and how to address them.


UPSTARTERS participate in the United Way of Greater Waterbury’s annual calendar of community events.


UPSTARTERS get others to contribute resources – including tangible items, services, time and dollars.


Please provide your contact information to receive updates on UPSTARTERS activities, to say that you or your child is interested in participating, and to give your thoughts on programs for youth that would better expose them to the concept of philanthropy.

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