A Message to Our Community

The past few months have been incredibly trying for all of us.  As we battled the coronavirus and worked to stabilize our community, the horrific events of Minnesota suddenly rippled across television screens and social media feeds everywhere with images now seared into our collective consciousness.  Images that demand we look at ourselves, our local community and the work we are engaged in every day, to ask ourselves where can we do more to improve the racial and social inequities present in our community. 

A great community is one where all people are treated with dignity and respect and valued for their strengths and the contributions they have to offer.  A great community is a united community and includes all voices and perspectives.  Different backgrounds and points of view challenge us and may make us uncomfortable at times, but they also make us better and enrich our communities.  A great community upholds equity and social justice for all, especially for citizens who we know can accomplish amazing things if we only keep the promise that United Way makes to deliver a community in which all people thrive.

As United Way of Greater Waterbury, we engage in this work every day and recognize we must do more.  The purpose and mission of our United Way is to “mobilize our ten-town region, amplify its resources, and invest in approaches that advance equity and measurable outcomes.” We commit to making our communities equitable, respectful, and filled with opportunity.  We pledge to work alongside those with lived experiences throughout our 10-town region and to implement programs and strategies that dismantle the health and financial inequities present in our community.  We stand with those affected by and facing injustice.

We, as a society, can and must do better to guarantee that the basic human rights and freedoms of every person in every community are protected.  It starts at the local level.  It starts with us.

United Way of Greater Waterbury