Over 60 companies and local organizations collected healthy food to alleviate food insecurity throughout Greater Waterbury for our June 21st Day of Action to Stock the Pantry. 68 volunteers, including over 25 youth from our UPSTARTERS initiative gave their time to unload, weigh, and organize donations at the Day of Action hub site on the Naugatuck Valley Community College campus. 18,840 pounds of food was collected on the day with financial donations and post-event food donations bringing the current total as of July 3rd to just over 26,000 pounds!

Day of Action to Stock the Pantry is a perfect time to boost supplies at local food pantries because it coincides with the end of the school year, when many families face an additional stress on their food budget as students are unable to participate in free or reduced meal programs.  

THANK YOU to everyone who participated!

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