What is United Way's Day of Action?

Each year, United Way Worldwide marks the longest day of the year, as a Day of Action.  This day is an opportunity for communities to actively participate in resolving a problem.  Volunteers find the Day of Action has proven to be a powerful way to learn about the needs of our neighbors, understand how effective our help can be, and enjoy the bond that develops when we serve with others.

What is Stock The Pantry?

Stock The Pantry is how United Way of Greater Waterbury creates impact on Day of Action, by engaging companies and groups to raise as much food from our wish-list between June 1st and June 18th, to drop off at our Day of Action event at the Waterbury Brass City Mall on June 18, 2020 between 11am-1pm.  Food insecurity is a serious problem in our community and not defined simply as hunger.  Through research and assessment of individuals and families, we see how important it is to eat well—to be strong and healthy—as we face life’s challenges.  To reach that goal, the United Way of Greater Waterbury is committed to collecting food that provides the most nutritious choices to those who will visit our local food pantries.

The Day of Action is a perfect time to boost supply because it coincides with the end of the school year.  Many families face an additional stress on the food budget as students are unable to participate in free or reduced school lunch programs.

Registration Opening Soon