What Does
United Way Do?

In communities worldwide, United Ways are improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of their communities. More than fundraisers, United Ways are partners in change, working with a broad range of people and organizations to identify and resolve pressing community issues. United Way of Greater Waterbury's focus areas reflect the priority concerns of our residents.

How Were These Focus Areas Determined?

United Way has established an agenda for Greater Waterbury that reflects the values and concerns of our residents and provides direction for our funding priorities.

Where Does The Money That United Way Of Greater Waterbury Raise Go?

United Way of Greater Waterbury is the largest non-governmental funder of local community programs, services and initiatives—and does much more than fundraising. A partner in change, United Way works with a broad range of people and organizations to identify and resolve pressing community issues. United Way dollars are strategically targeted to address those issues and provide long-term solutions throughout our 10-town service area. Your gift is invested by United Way of Greater Waterbury, unless you designate it elsewhere.

How Is United Way Tackling Community Concerns?

United Way of Greater Waterbury assembles teams of volunteers—including town officials, residents, service providers, community leaders, and experts—to focus on chronic community concerns that present ongoing challenges for our residents. To tackle these concerns effectively, we have to address the root causes and invest in long-term solutions.

Who Decides How To Spend The Dollars Raised By United Way Of Greater Waterbury's Fundraising Efforts?

All United Way funding decisions are made by volunteers. All services, programs and initiatives currently funded by United Way are reviewed by volunteers who make up the Community Impact Cabinet and its Councils, who are experienced in analyzing budgets, program efficiency and effectiveness.

How Big Is The United Way Of Greater Waterbury Staff, And What Do They Do?

There are eleven staff members at United Way of Greater Waterbury, including both full time and part time. The staff is responsible for fulfilling United Way of Greater Waterbury's mission: “United Way of Greater Waterbury mobilizes our ten-town region, amplifies its resources, and invests in approaches that advance equity and measurable outcomes.”

How Much Money Actually Goes To Community Services, Programs And Initiatives?

Approximately 88% of every dollar donated to United Way of Greater Waterbury supports services, programs and initiatives that meet basic needs, improve community conditions and help get to the root causes of some our most pressing problems. United Way of Greater Waterbury's low overhead cost is well below the benchmark of 35 cents recommended for charities by the Better Business Bureau.

Why Should I Give To United Way? Why Not Just Donate Directly To An Agency?

There are many valuable non-profit organizations in the area you may care about. United Way provides an opportunity for your one gift to support a variety of local needs such as literacy and job training, affordable housing for working families and individuals, and emergency food and shelter. Through one gift to United Way, you can accomplish more than any one gift to a single agency could.

How Can I

United Way accepts cash, checks, stocks and planned gifts throughout the year. Individuals may give online or by by mailing donations to 100 North Elm Street, 2nd Floor, Waterbury CT 06702-1512.

What Is The Leavenworth Society?

The Leavenworth Society of United Way of Greater Waterbury bestows recognition upon those individuals who make especially generous contributions of $1,000 or more. The Society was founded by United Way in honor of Elisha Leavenworth (1814-1911), a prominent citizen of our local community who believed that human caring is the key to a healthy society.

What Is The Tocqueville Society?

The Tocqueville Society Major Gifts and Recognition Program, nationally initiated in March of 1984, is designed to deepen and strengthen the understanding, commitment and support of high wealth individuals to their local United Ways. Membership in the Society is granted to individuals who contribute at least $10,000 annually to the United Way.

Can I Include United Way Of Greater Waterbury In My Will Or Estate Plan?

Yes. By naming United Way of Greater Waterbury in your will or estate plans, you become a member of the 1942 Society, named in recognition of our founding year.

Is My Contribution To United Way Tax-deductible?

Yes, according to I.R.S. guidelines.

Can I Volunteer For United Way?

Yes. Please visit the our Volunteer page or call the United Way of Greater Waterbury at 203-757-9855 x114 or dial 2-1-1 toll free to learn about available volunteer opportunities near you.

I Give To United Way But Still Get Solicitations From Its Funding Partners. Why?

United Way of Greater Waterbury support provides only part of the operational expenses of our funded partners. All funded partners agree not to solicit through payroll deductions at the workplace and not to solicit corporate gifts during the United Way campaign. If you are already supporting the United Way campaign, you know you are already making a significant contribution to the community and assisting that agency's mission.

How Long Has The United Way Of Greater Waterbury Served The Local Community?

The United Way of Greater Waterbury was founded in 1942 as the ‘Waterbury Community Chest' and ran its first payroll deduction pledge drive in 1943 raising $419,722.

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